Advent 2019

We live in a culture that is increasingly interested in spirituality, but resistant to absolute truth. And so many are content with Jesus the Philosopher or Jesus the Great Teacher or Jesus the Moral Guru or even Jesus the Prophet pointing us to God. But who is Jesus really? What is absolutely true about him? The first chapter of the Gospel of John tells us: "The Word was God" and "the Word became flesh and dwelt among us." Jesus is God. And Jesus is man. Fully God. And fully human. And everything depends on that absolute truth about who Jesus is! Please join us this Advent season as we focus our gaze on Jesus by focussing on John 1:1-18 in order to answer the question: Why does everything depend on the truth of who Jesus is?

December 1, 2019

Thankful for Adoption

Speaker: Rick Gamache Series: Advent 2019 Verse: Ephesians 1:5–1:5, Galatians 4:4–4:7