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One Anothering.

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One Anothering.

One Anothering: We all play a part in building a healthy church. This is accomplished when we, by the empowering grace of the Spirit, obey the house rules for God's family. In other words, the way to see Cornerstone Community Church thrive is to heed the "one anothers" of the Bible. Love one another. Be at peace with one another. Be devoted to one another. Rejoice with one another. Weep with one another. Teach one another. Admonish one another. Bear with one another. And on and on. This is how we love our church the way Jesus loves our church. Jesus died and rose again for his church. He will have a pure and spotless bride. That gospel, which we believe, is the same gospel that empowers us to be a "one anothering" church--a gospel-shaped church that delights to display and declares the gospel in the way we treat one another. Join us as we keep our tradition of beginning the new ministry year by focusing on what it means to be Christ's church.

September 20, 2020

Exhort One Another

Speaker: Rick Gamache Series: One Anothering. Verse: Hebrews 3:12–3:15

September 13, 2020

Love One Another

Speaker: Rick Gamache Series: One Anothering. Topic: Love Verse: 1 John 4:7–4:12