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Gathered to Give

December 16, 2018 Speaker: Rick Gamache Series: A Sermon Series on Worship

Topic: Giving Verse: Luke 12:32–12:34

Our hearts move toward what we cherish. And God wants our hearts to move toward him, not money.

There is an undeniable link between our spiritual vitality—our worship—and how we handle money and possessions.

Don’t fear. God is the greatest treasure in the universe. He’s the only one worthy of your worship. And if you understand these things to be true about God, then self-sacrificial giving makes perfect sense.

God powerfully protects us like a Shepherd, he lovingly provides for us like a Father, and he does it all from the position of infinite wealth and power as the King of kings. And he is so generous toward us that he delights to give us all things.

Jesus gave it all away, including his life, in order to meet the needs of his people, and defeat our sin and death and the devil and to advance his gospel. And if he did that, then surely I can, by the grace that flows from my earnest prayers and my deep meditation on his sacrifice, give my money away to meet the needs of others, and do that mainly by advancing the gospel.

Our giving is an expression of our delighting in Jesus. Our giving is a way of displaying gospel love to one another as we meet needs. And our giving is a way we support the declaration of the gospel as we financially support the gospel-advancing ministry of the church.

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