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Gathered to Marvel

December 24, 2018 Speaker: Rick Gamache Series: A Sermon Series on Worship

Verse: Galatians 4:4–4:6

God does not stay a safe distance away from us. He comes and enters in completely. He comes all the way down to our level in order to meet us in our real lives. That is the most staggering, marvelous, enchanting announcement ever made. God became man. The invisible God became visible—in the form of a tiny baby boy, born of woman. The untouchable God became touchable. The eternal God entered time and space. The transcendent God drew near. The exalted God was humbled. The glorious God was born in a barn. The God who made the sun and the stars in the heavens took his place under the sky. God the Son left his throne to be laid in a feeding trough in a stable.
We were slaves. Slaves to our sin. Slaves to our corruption. Deserving of the eternal punishment of a holy God. And redeeming us—buying us—out of slavery cost him dearly. The purchase price was his life. He, God the Son, was born a man in order to die a horrific death to set his people free.
God doesn’t merely set us free and get us out of a really bad situation. No. He sets us free and sets us into something else completely. He sets us into sonship, into his family. All the planning, all the sending, all the redeeming is for this very purpose: that God would adopt us as his children—that he would be our Father. This is the highest privilege of the gospel.
God sent his Son that we would have the status of sonship. God sent his Spirit that we might have the experience of sonship.

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