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Gathered to Scatter; Scattered to Gather

January 20, 2019 Speaker: Rick Gamache Series: A Sermon Series on Worship

Topic: Evangelism Verse: Acts 4:23–4:31


  • When worshiping Christ burns like a fire in our hearts, the light of the gospel will shine through us and pierce the darkness and draw others into the enjoyment of God.
  • By praying—by talking to God and not gathering to merely talk to one another—the early church positioned themselves to receive, because they postured themselves as needy and dependent. They were aware that they needed to be empowered. And so, they acknowledge their need to God.
  • Did Herod and Pilate and the Romans and the Jews kill Jesus? You bet they did. Did God predestine Christ’s crucifixion? You bet he did. Is there mystery here? You bet there is: God’s sovereignty and human responsibility side by side in perfect tension here like they are on page after page after page in our Bible.
  • On the cross, Christ purchase the ability of his sheep to hear his voice. And so, they will hear and come when we go and declare. I cannot think of anything more hopeful and emboldening for proclaiming the gospel to unbelievers than the fact that God is so sovereign that Christ’s sheep must come—they will hear the message of reconciliation. They will respond with repentance and faith. Christ will have his bride. He will gather his scattered sheep into his fold.
  • We must continue to gather to worship and to pray and to together ask for the infilling of the Holy Spirit that empowers us to fulfill our mission to scatter and display and declare the gospel in order to gather more worshipers who delight in the Christ of the gospel.

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